Tuesday, November 12, 2019

I'm on a Children's Fiction Rec List

Read Me A Story, Ink has included my story "Dragon's Hoard" as a five-star read on its list of stories to read aloud to kids, in the grade 5-8 category. Thanks to Dave Henderson, whose story "Dragon Jet Propulsion" is also on the list, for posting about it on Facebook so I could find out about it.

Our stories were originally published in Wings of Change, edited by Lyn Worthen. "Green Camouflage" by Jamie Aldis, "The Soul By Which We Measure Ours" by C.H. Hung, "Of Dragons and Centaurs" by Deb Logan, and "Old Enough to Volunteer" by Laura Ware were also in Wings of Change, and included on the recommendation list. Lyn obviously put together an awesome anthology. :D