Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Great Review of Alchemy and Steam

Keith West at Amazing Stories posted a great review of Alchemy and Steam.

He says:

It’s one of the shorter volumes, but I think I’ve enjoyed this one more than any other, including the time travel issue. Usually there’s one at least one story that isn’t really my cup of tea. That’s not the case here.

That's pretty amazing, if you'll pardon the expression. :) I'm with Mr. West; usually there are at least a couple of stories in an anthology that don't do it for me. I'm so glad he liked them all.

Every story was top notch in terms of craft. The voice, the pacing, the setting and characters. Totally professional level work in each case.

That's also pretty awesome to hear. We have a great group of writers subbing to these books, and the editors pick the best of a great bunch. I read all the stories subbed for this book, and it would've been tough to put together a bad anthology.

Thanks to Mr. West. I'm glad you liked our book. :D

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