Thursday, October 1, 2015

New Release -- Recycled Pulp

Recycled Pulp is out, with one of my stories, plus a lot of other great reads.

This book was fun to write for. John Helfers, the editor, came up with a list of 250 ultra-pulpy titles. Everyone who wanted to submit sent in three numbers at random between 1 and 250, and got three of the titles. We chose one to write about, but we had to write a modern, non-pulpy story that still fit the title. My story is called "Crypt of the Metal Ghouls." :D

There was no other subject restriction on the story except that it had to fit the title chosen, so the book has a wide variety of genres and subgenres; this is a great book for someone who loves short fiction in general.

In his intro to my story, John said,

This next story was one I was hoping to get. I already knew that with the random titles I was throwing at the submitting authors, I'd be getting an even bigger grab bag of stories and genres that would somehow have to be woven together into a cohesive anthology. But even so, the reader in me was hoping that some authors could take the title they’d chosen and turn it into something that would both reinvent it and hit my story buttons. Angela Penrose did both, spectacularly. This is the second story of hers that I've purchased (her first, as well as her first pro sale, was "Staying Afloat" published in Fiction River: How to Save the World), and I hope to be buying many more in the future—especially if she keeps giving me great post-apocalyptic action stories like this one.

I've read all the stories in this book, and there's a lot of excellent reading here.


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