Saturday, October 25, 2014

Young Explorer's Adventure Guide

The Young Explorer's Adventure Guide is a science fiction anthology for middle grade readers featuring a diverse range of characters. From editors Corie and Sean Weaver:

Sally Ride, first woman in space and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, famously said:

“Young girls need to see role models in whatever careers they may choose, just so they can picture themselves doing those jobs someday. You can’t be what you can’t see.”

Girls need to read stories where any number of possible roles are modeled for them. Just as importantly, boys need to read stories where girls are active participants in adventures. And children of all colors and backgrounds need to know the future includes them.

According to a 2011 study of 6,000 children’s books, only 31 percent had central female characters, and even fewer featured main characters of color.

A genre that’s supposed to inspire us towards a bright future isn’t making space for half the population’s dreams. Boys go and have adventures, girls are to be defended, or prizes to be won, and the landscape is very, very white.

It’s time for a bigger universe.

Corie and Sean are running a Kickstarter campaign to raise some of the money for the project. Note the "some" -- they're not counting on Kickstarter funds for their entire budget. Acquisition and editing of stories has been on-going for some time now, and the list of writers is looking good.

I have a story in the book -- and am excited to be sharing a TOC listing with Nancy Kress, a great writer whose work I've loved for many years -- along with other folks I know and whose work I enjoy. This is going to be a great anthology, and it's well worth supporting. As of this morning, they're over 70% of their way to funding, with 25 days to go. Head over and check it out.